‘Storytelling breathes into being the worlds we know and those we are always imagining.’

Keguro Macharia


Storytelling makes the impossible possible, it is the unique bond between listener and teller, not just a passive exercise but where minds and hearts meet.

If you’re here, it may be because you love storytelling, or you’ve seen and been inspired by my work, or perhaps you’re exploring how you fit into the magical world of storytelling.  I share stories with audiences across the world, with those who need a story and others who have never given it a second thought. Sometimes, I create the story and other times the story chooses me. It is a privilege, a gift passed down through my maternal line and an honour to be a part of this world. 






If your image of storytelling is of children gathered round the knees of a loving grandparent, then think again. Storytelling is exciting, life changing, unexpected, takes you on adventures you’ve never believed possible.

I am passionate about my work, draw from my dual Scottish and Kenyan heritage. I want to revolutionise storytelling, help people realise that we all have a story to tell.

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