Mara is one the finest performance storytellers on the global stage. As a narrative artist, she draws on her rich, dual Kenyan/Scottish cultural heritage, to create worlds that explore contemporary issues through legend, myth and fantasy. Her performances fuse ancient and modern in an intoxicating, colourful, joyous experience where the audience takes centre stage leading to invitations to perform across the world and to create bespoke stories for those who dare to step into the world of fantasy.

Blood and Gold

Proudly part of the Made in Scotland 2019 showcase, award winning Scottish Kenyan storyteller Mara Menzies has created a powerful storytelling show that uses ancient mythology and contemporary narratives to explore the legacy of colonialism and slavery in modern day Scotland.

A dying mother gives her young daughter a box containing stories that lead to a priceless treasure. Her daughter is afraid of what she may find within, but as she grows, the voices inside the box begin to make themselves heard.  An encounter with the mysterious Shadowman sets in motion a journey that transcends place and time, where the girl learns of her rich and complicated past, where she is given a window into the lives of others and where she begins to understand her own unique place in the world. A journey of self discovery filled with grief, humour, tragedy, pain, joy, courage and a celebration of the human spirit.

Storytelling has always influenced the evolution of society. The stories we listen to and act upon whether as individuals, communities and nations will ultimately create the society we choose for ourselves. With the rise of the far right across the UK, increasing incidents of racism  and complex issues of ‘belonging’,  it is essential to have honest discussions in different ways about our role in history, about the things that make us who we are  and about how to make the most of the wonderful diversity people who make up Scotland today. These stories will shape the future of Scotland.



Mhairi Robinson

+44 (0) 7 534 942 255

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019














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  1. Saw you telling at The Festival at the Edge, found it warm, funny and masterful. You’re great storyteller Mara.

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