It’s the end of another year and I realise how long it has been since I wrote anything. But I also realise that as much as I love storytelling, I am not very good at writing stories. I miss the interaction. I miss the physicality. I miss looking into the eyes of people and gauging how they are taking the story. I am a storyteller and very proud to be one. I set off on the blog journey with grand plans but they sadly did not lead to much. So I’ll write another with no real intention to make it a weekly thing but simply to celebrate the here and now and to muse over new beginnings.


Last year I had a baby boy. A new life named Barasa to connect with his maternal great grandfather. ‘Bring him back’ by calling his name. A new beginning, a new life which also brought an end to another. My girl Imani lost the exclusivity of my company, forced to share for the first time in 7 years, taking it better some days than others. It has been a wonderful year in that regard, learning to juggle 2 kids, keep the storytelling, make time for relationships and try to keep things going in general. My house was not very tidy this year! Always far more important things to do.

This year I needed a change, something to complement the storytelling and shake my life up a bit, meet new people from  unfamiliar backgrounds. I decided to set up a business, not one that promoted Mara the storyteller, as I’m never very good at self promotion, but one that still celebrated the wonder of Africa. I founded ‘Afrika presents’ an amazing little company that creates products for kids to discover more about diverse aspects of African cultures through imaginative and creative play. Inspired by kids around me and incorporating some into my creative team has been terrific fun.


So the end of things always brings a beginning of another and at the end of the year it always feels like an appropriate time to reflect and consider what the next will bring. I’m going to tell Matthew how wonderful he is more often.  I’m going to visit my parents more often. I’m going to try routine this year. I’m going to focus more and I’m going to employ an accountant!!! I’m going to really kick ass with the stories and I’m going to try and make ‘Afrika presents’ make a real difference. Check it out at

What are you going to do?



Published by Mara Menzies Storyteller

I am a full time storyteller based in Scotland and deeply passionate about the power stories have on us. I find, create and share stories to audiences all over the world. I train in storytelling techniques, providing ways for different people to find their own unique way of telling a story.

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