Mara is an award-winning Kenyan/Scottish performance storyteller who draws on her rich cultural heritage to create entertaining, thought provoking, beautiful performance art. Carefully curated narratives that inspire and enrich through the ancient art of connecting profoundly to the audience.
She tours internationally and consults on the power and value of story.
Nick Barley, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival:
“Mara’s story built in a carefully-controlled crescendo, whipping the audience into a quite astonishing frenzy of excitement. This was not simply a demonstration of a great performance, but an exposition of a form which is fundamentally interactive – a performance in which the audience was so deeply, personally implicated that at one point almost every single person in the auditorium jumped out of their seat with pure rapture.”
Sheila Murray – Curator for Creative Scotland, ‘Africa’s Image, Its Arts and Culture in the 21st Century’
“It is a testament to her talent  that the resulting performance was a wonderfully energetic, astute,  joyful,  intelligent portrayal of African identity, image and stereotypes.
I warmly recommend Mara’s reliability, creativity, talent and professionalism. She is one of Scotland’s best storytellers in a very competitive pool.”
Professor Paul Nugent – University of Edinburgh 50th Anniversary CAS
“The performance itself could not have been more engaging. It managed to perfectly encapsulate the principal episodes, turning points and colourful characters in the irreverent manner we were hoping for. It had the audience rolling in the aisles at some points and actively participating in the telling at others. For weeks thereafter, I was fielding e-mails and having conversations with people who were completely blown away by the performance.”
Mara Edin. Book Festival Aug 2018-9 (1)
Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018
University of Edinburgh / Mastercard Foundation   (photo credit: Yao Hui)


Prometheus by Philip Knight (photo: Gideon Chiltern)

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