Kenya Heritage Trail



Welcome to the seed stages of ‘The Kwale Sculpture Park and Heritage Trail’, a unique development set deep in the Shimba hills in Kwale County, Kenya. We are working with the Mbegani community to establish a heritage trail that takes you through the heart of a rural community, that celebrates the cultural wealth and diversity of a nation.

We are working towards creating an experience that showcases both the traditional and contemporary collective conscience of the 43 Kenyan tribal groups proudly displayed in a series of thought provoking sculptures, installations and murals.

Travelling through along the trail, visitors will witness life unfold, as baby goats are born, stories are shared and children play. the trail provides a unique opportunity to engage with Kenyans eye to eye, mind to mind  and heart to heart, learning essential elements of  their cultural heritage  such as learning how to carry your child on your back using the kanga, the best way to cut and use the coconut, or even build a traditional Nduruma house.


We aim to construct using locally sourced materials and incorporating traditional architecture. We will be investing in rainwater harvesting systems and training the community in constructing small scale biogas kitchens as well as a plan to train in improved farming methodologies.


Working with artists like Ngene, we will create art works that celebrate Kenyan narratives: These could include the experiences of the slaves held at Shimoni, the story of Mekatilili, a famous Giriama warrior who at the age of 70 united her people and led wars against the British, a representation of Luanda Magere, the famous Luo warrior whose strength lay in his shadow and in a Samson/Delilaesque situation was speared to death where he turned to stone, a depiction of Ngai and the influences that inform the Gikuyu philosophy. for more information