EXCITING NEWS! I am delighted to be sharing a stage with Maimouna Jallow on the Saturday night big event at the British Library, courtesy of the Royal African Society! A snippet from ‘The Illusion of Truth’ that I will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in August, followed by a discussion as to the importance of stories, a subject very close to my heart.

FRINGE NEWS 2017Headshotsfringenapa

That time of year again and I’m bringing an Ifa mythological story to life in the extraordinary space of the Storytelling Centre. ‘The Illusion of Truth’ explores our relationship with truth and ‘alternative facts’.

CUBA 2017

habanatheatroJust back from the Festival Primavera de Cuentos in Habana, Cuba. Fantastic reception and the opportunity to share some thrilling stories. Scotland will now be represented in Mexico and Martinique next year as a result.  Thanks to Creative Scotland for their support.

Click here for video for the festival: 




storycrossroadsThrilled to be the guest teller at Story Crossroads in Salt Lake City with storyteller and organiser Rachel Hedman. Story Crossroads will be a unique event, and  be will held once every four years in an Olympic-style manner in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Viridian Event Centre and surrounding park. This year in the run up to the World Story Crossroads, I am delighted to be attending, performing and participating in the outreach programmes.

This seven-day event will feature each of the six major continents through broadcasted “state of the art” addresses, story workshops, cross-disciplinary papers, cultural explorations, and performances. Some stories shared will merge other art forms such as dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and film. Find out more @storycrossroads


Have a wonderful partner with Global Concerns Trust for the project who have supported us with some funding for a scoping project. The visit in September will explore connections with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Tourism and we have several workshops planned with the community to begin piecing together how best to move forward. A donated shamba (farm) of 16 acres has been provided by the Barasa family as a starting point and the point from which to construct a small ‘centre’.



AWARD SEASON!!! AWARD SEASON!!!!! Completely blown away for our storytelling project to be shortlisted for the Arts and Business Awards 2017. A combination of Scottish Gas support, Scottish Book Trust organisation and Craigroyston Primary School passion and foresight. Learning and inspiring through stories.