The History of Storytelling and the power storytellers possess!

An interesting article… The original post can be found here“THE HISTORY OF STORYTELLING!”Ever since mankind became imaginative, storytellers have been explaining everything people encountered, whether or not it was true. These storytellers are modern humans most influential people.© Donald Louis Hamilton Human Imagination has given mankind the unique ability to communicate abstract concepts and ideas […]

Inspiring stories to pass on!!!

I am always in awe of people who have thousands of stories tucked away, ready to whip one out whenever needed. I like to think that one day, I’ll join those few. Certainly to be a storyteller requires a certain number of stories and one thing I am happy about is the ability to make […]

Storytelling and Reading – It works!

Storytelling is Useful, Fun, Exhilerating, Imaginative and Educational. It’s Amazing!  I am always amazed at the impact storytelling can have on encouraging and developing an interest in reading in both children and adults. There is so much evidence that storytelling is possibly THE most useful tool in nurturing literacy that it’s crazy that so many people still doubt […]