Mara Menzies is one of Scotland’s best loved performance storytellers with a powerful, dynamic and physical style that captures the imagination of any audience. She has performed and led workshops around the world including Kenya, Singapore, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, the USA and across the UK.
 Bespoke story at the University of Edinburgh for the launch of the Mastercard Foundation programme October 2016
(photo credit: Yao Hui)
Alongside storytellers from Cuba, Mexico, Martinique, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Poland and Canada
Festival Primavera de Cuentos Habana, Cuba 2017
To mark the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we held a major international conference and invited Mara Menzies to remind us of our history. Mara went to great lengths to speak to as many people associated with the Centre over the years as she possibly could. By the end of this research, she probably knew more about our history than we did ourselves. The performance itself could not have been more engaging. It managed to perfectly encapsulate the principal episodes, turning points and colourful characters in the irreverent manner we were hoping for. It had the audience rolling in the aisles at some points and actively participating in the telling at others. For weeks thereafter, I was fielding e-mails and having conversations with people who were completely blown away by the performance. I can’t recommend Mara strongly enough. She is quite simply a class act.
Paul Nugent
Professor of Comparative African History and Director of The Centre of African Studies, Edinburgh University – 50th anniversary celebration
close upnzingagirl
… It is a testament to her talent  that the resulting performance was a wonderfully energetic, astute,  joyful,  intelligent portrayal of African identity, image and stereotypes.
I warmly recommend Mara’s reliability, creativity, talent and professionalism. She is one of Scotland’s best storytellers in a very competitive pool.
Sheila Murray – Curator for Creative Scotland, ‘Africa’s Image, Its Arts and Culture in the 21st Century’
Just a wee line to say thank you for your fantastic storytelling sessions: not only are children wandering round the playground gazing skyward, but the buzz in the staff room is unprecedented!  You managed to capture the imagination of both learners and teachers.
Thank you for an inspirational start to our Book Week,
Katrina Lucas, Comely Park Primary School, Falkirk

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