Public Speaking / PresentingTraining

Learn the best ways to improve your public speaking skills with Mara Menzies, internationally renowned storyteller and storymaker.

Do you need to MOTIVATE?  INSPIRE?  INFLUENCE? microphone

Then these individually crafted no nonsense workshops are for you. Each carefully crafted workshop takes your individual needs into consideration so that at the end, each participant comes away with something personal and effective.

At university, I attended a performance and discussion by the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers and unwittingly ended up on stage to play their clown. At that time I was not a storyteller, was painfully shy and performing to an audience, where all eyes were on me, was not something I would ever want to do. On the stage, they explained my role as the drunkard and gave me a mask. 

The second I placed the mask over my face, my inhibitions disappeared and I gave my character every bit of life possible. With the mask I was able to hide my wallflower self and release the engaging, funny, nonsensical me. Speaking to an audience can be a nauseating experience but from that day, I have found there are many ways we can learn to ‘wear the mask’, so that presenting becomes second nature. 

Whether you need to improve your confidence / style / ability to engage for any reason, then these small, lively, intimate sessions are guaranteed to increase your effectiveness.

  • Presenting reports

  • Public speaking

  • Employee motivation

  • Promoting what your company does

  • Customer service

For further details or to make a booking, please contact Mara at


Keep these suggestions in mind when presenting/public speaking

  • Listen to your audience – Long stories can be pretty boring. Get to the point. Take your time and tell it well but know when to stop.
  • Eye Contact – Make sure everyone in that room knows you are talking to them!
  • Be authentic – Know what you want to achieve and stick with it. Be as truthful and honest as that is what inspires people most. We’re not stupid! We know when you’re insincere!
  • Practice – Practice, practice, practice. Mirrors, friends, video cameras, everywhere. Go over your presentation till you know exactly what you want to convey! Then if you are distracted, it’ll be easier to simply catch up again
  • Create an experience – Remember that when you tell a story, you’re creating an experience for your listeners. Don’t just use sound (words), but the other senses as well. Show your listeners the picture you’re painting, don’t just tell them. Be aware of your physicality, your voice and your facial expressions. Make the audience feel what you want them to know through description, through demonstration and through imagination.

And a bonus one – 

  • HAVE FUN….LOTS OF IT!!!!! If you do, then it’s more than likely your audience will too.

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