Why Stories?

One cool evening, a man was walking past a lake when he felt a strange presence. He reached quickly for his camera and just as he turned, he managed to capture a large unfamiliar creature emerging from the dark depths. This photograph was to become world famous, the first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness monster. It’s a beautiful story and also an incredible multi-million pound business attracting tourists from across the world.


The ‘Why Stories’ workshop allows managers and staff to see the tremendously positive impact stories have on business and why it is essential for companies to understand the value of the shared story and the use of storytelling among their employees.

These workshops take storytelling to a new and exciting level, are interactive and engaging and importantly provide each participant with practical tools that they can use in the workplace.

marasettle– Stories inspire us to take action

– Stories can change behaviour

– Stories unite us in our aims and objectives

– Stories enable us to see what’s really going on

–  Stories are memorable

–  Stories embed values


If your business can see the value in any of the above then contact maramenzies@gmail.com to book a workshop now.


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